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  • SHELTER available for anywhere! Prepare to forced to 緊急サバイバル、帰宅困難、道路の寸断、突然の孤立、自然災害対策グッズ どこでもシェルター、ビッグ・アドバンテージを提供するダンプリング工房。。  evacuate outdoor whlile cut off road all of sudden !
  • Penguin remo-con holder revolver type(stainless steel) : 2700yen・・・ ペンギン型回転式リモコンホルダー←You can get things strait your table at the same time. click on picture.

    Sea bream shape lid holder (stainless steel) : 700yen・・・ 生活上手な整理屋に捧ぐホルダー←It help You tidy your kitchen.

    Tidy up on the table(stainless steel) : 350yen・・・生活便利グッズ space saiver 生活便利グッズ 整理整頓にベスト kichen goods片づけ上手なグッズ space saiver 生活上手なあなたに space saiver

    Keeping tidy up anywhere, your house, your car, and even out door use.

    Quick spiral umbrella cover : 500yen・・・ 便利な傘カバー クイック傘カバー スパイラル傘カバー ←You can swift put up your umbrella available for one hand ! It would help you when you get on your own car in rainy days. click the picture.

    Please allow me introduce myself,I'm Mayumi Dan. mayumi picture


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