Alarm available for no electricity***** DANPLING ENTERPRISE *****before big eathquake

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  • SHELTER available for anywhere! Prepare to forced to 緊急サバイバル、帰宅困難、道路の寸断、突然の孤立、自然災害対策グッズ どこでもシェルター、ビッグ・アドバンテージを提供するダンプリング工房。。  evacuate outdoor whlile cut off road all of sudden !

  • It can catch "p" wave before start kicking in big earthquake, and notice you.

    「 CAT FISH CUP 」・・・  DANPLING ENTER PRISE which provide to you BIG ADVANTAGE against natural massive desaster, like great earthquake and tsunami.
People who have skillfulness capability that go through daily work will be provided to nice tool which is free electricity alarm against earthquake.
The name of excellent equipment is You should always prepare to massive great earthquake. We don't know when terrible natural disaster will attack. ・・・ It could be alarm you and your family before you would notice.

    what's? INCREDIBLE!"DELTA"effect! How specific performance it has! despite of simple structure.・⇒ I'd like to attention this on picture. ←

    CAT FISH COP hang type set : 680yen (made by stainless steel.include spare 3 cup)・・・ 来たる首都圏直下型巨大地震、
東海、東南海、南海3連動巨大地震、東北関東大震災の震源域とその周辺地域、十勝沖、根室沖、釧路沖の連動地震、巨大津波に備えよ。 鯰コップ 来たる首都圏直下型巨大地震、東海、東南海、南海3連動巨大地震、東北関東大震災の震源域とその周辺地域、
十勝沖、根室沖、釧路沖の連動地震、巨大津波に備えよ。ダンプリング工房提供。 cat fish

    CAT FISH COP desk top type : 780yen (made by stainless steel.include spare 3 cup) ・・・ 

    A cat fish cop series are adopted north hemiahere.

    Spare parts hang type : 430yen・・・ 来たる首都圏直下型巨大地震、東海、東南海、南海3連動巨大地震、東北関東大震災の震源域とその周辺地域、十勝沖、根室沖、釧路沖の連動地震、巨大津波に備えよ。ダンプリング工房提供。
地震予知器の提供は danpling enter prize picture 天井吊り下げ式ナマズ・コップ 来たる首都圏直下型巨大地震、東海、東南海、南海3連動巨大地震、東北関東大震災の震源域とその周辺地域、十勝沖、根室沖、釧路沖の連動地震、巨大津波に備えよ。ダンプリング工房提供。earthquake preventer

    Spare parts desk top type : 530yen・・・来たる首都圏直下型巨大地震、東海、東南海、南海3連動巨大地震、東北関東大震災の震源域とその周辺地域、十勝沖、根室沖、釧路沖の連動地震、巨大津波に備えよ。ダンプリング工房提供。来たる首都圏直下型巨大地震、東海、東南海、南海3連動巨大地震、
東北関東大震災の震源域とその周辺地域、十勝沖、根室沖、釧路沖の連動地震、巨大津波に備えよ。ダンプリング工房提供。 danpling enter prize picture 備えあれば憂いなし 地震の備えは ナマズ・コップ earthquake surviver

    Spare parts 3 plastics cups,include spare balls : 270yen・・・ 転ばぬ先のツエ 地震災害予防は ナマズコップ prevent natural desaster 来たる首都圏直下型巨大地震、東海、東南海、南海3連動巨大地震、東北関東大震災の震源域とその周辺地域、十勝沖、根室沖、釧路沖の連動地震、巨大津波に備えよ。ダンプリング工房提供。 relief people

    There are a time before big earthquake reach to your living place from earthquake center.
    generally speaking, the time, so called " A time which primary stage longitually micro motion to Scondary stage side big motion".
    This equipment can catch "primary stage longitually micro motion" very presisely.
    You can coop with big desaster before it strikes your living place.

    First of all, affirmation of fire, and get off the place where fall down something like a furniture.
    This equipment could provide you and your family the time when you come up against big natural desaster all of sudden.

    Easy preparing available for no tool.

    Please allow me introduce myself mayumi picture I'm Mayumi Dan.


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